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SKILL LEVEL.  Quick and dirty notes for those experienced in computer hardware and software installations.

The ScanJet I installed had a Symbios 53C416 (HP version) SCSI adapter. The Compaq Presario 6704 comes with Win 95 and two Modems, Compaq Presario 288-DF and Presario 336-VSC.

This was a difficult installation.  This configuration uses all available IRQs and the boards and Windows 95 are fussy about which IRQs are used assigned to which board.  The SCSI card kept trying to grab the COM IRQs and Windows kept trying to make, I think, the SCSI adapter into a COM port--as best I can determine.   And it may be detecting disabled COM ports on the computer motherboard/BIOS--one or the other or both...

Anyway, here's how...

Do not install the SCSI card yet!

Get into Compaq's CMOS by pushing the F10 key when the cursor jumps to the top right of the screen.

Choose Computer Setup

Select Audio
Set the 1st MODEM (33.6) to:
2E8-2EF, 264, IRQ 10, DMA 6 7
Set Audio to:
220-22F, 388-38B, 300-301, IRQ4, DMA 0 5

Select Communications.
Deactivate Serial Port 1
Set the 2nd MODEM (28.8 used for FAX service) to..
2F8-2EF, IRQ3

Note: we have instructed the computer to assign the COM IRQs and have left IRQ5 (the only one left) free for the SCSI adapter.

Install the HP software.

Go into Start, Setting, Control Panel, System, Device Manager and remove all of the MODEMS, COM Ports, and sound card drivers (and the failed SCSI adapter driver if your tried before).

Now, install the HP software and let windows restart, but kill the power when you see a blank screen (before Win can restart, but after it has quit).

Install the SCSI card.  Make sure the riser is fully seated.   It is fairly easy to bend the cage slightly so the "fingers" at the rear-right of the cage do not allow the cage/riser to fully seat.

Before turning-on the computer, unlock the scanner shipping lever to the right rear, plug-in the scanner power cord, attach and double check the scanner cable, and make sure the LED at the right front of the scanner is on.

Fire-up Windows 95 and let it detect all of the PnP hardware.   The correct MODEMs and the sound drivers ought to install automatically.
Browse to the HP CD when it asks for the ScanJet driver.

Notes:  If this doesn't work. start over: power down, pull the card cage, fire up Windows, remove all of the drivers, uninstall the HP software (the uninstall program is in the C:\scanjet directory) and delete the HP directories, restart, reinstall the hp software, restart, power off, install the cage, etc. The 33.6 MODEM is in a special-feature ISA slot nearest the motherboard, which feeds audio to the sound card circuitry on the motherboard; don't plug anything else into the slot.  The new sound card IRQ may cause some problems with some old DOS/legacy programs/games which are looking for the default SB configuration; I haven't had time to determine if this the case.   I don't like PnP MODEMs, especially two of them in same computer.  I particularly don't like scanners the install backwards: software before hardware (but once installed the 5p is a mighty fine scanner for the money; to bad HP stopped making it).

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