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HP ScanJet 4100C Installation Problems
Last updated: 08/02/03

7. Next problem... The driver software installed ok on the second computer, which was a brand-new computer with a fresh Win 98 install.  After installing the Adobe Photo Deluxe Windows crashed  during the reboot with a Fatal Exception error.  I ran it through the Safe Mode hoping Windows would fix itself and prayed I didn't have a hardware problem with a new computer.  It crashed again on rebooting.  Well, I said to myself, "What has changed since the last time the computer booted ok?"  I uninstalled Adobe Photo Deluxe.  Nope: it crashed.  I uninstalled all of the scanner software, or, at least I thought I did.  Nope!  I fiddled around with the system trying to find the problem still thinking it might not be the scanner.  I unplugged the scanner and disabled USB.  No.  So, I ruined my evening and did a clean reinstall from bare metal.   It crashed again right after installing Adobe &#@+!

The problem was the Adobe Type Manager.  It does not uninstall when you uninstall Adobe Photo Deluxe.  The solution I used was to bring-up the computer in the Safe Mode, find Adobe in the Start Menu, fire-up ATM, and click the uninstall tab.  There are other work-arounds for this problem.  You can learn more about them at HP's and Adobe's Web site.  In my considered opinion, as the "stuckee" of this problem (it was my unpaid time--not HP's or Adobe's), software like this should not be sold.  I will not install ATM on another computer again, ever!

8. Final problem (in this article)... The scanner isn't working and there is an exclamation mark on the scanner in the Device Manager in the Control Panel.  Solution:  try the other USB port or in the Device Manager click Remove and click Refresh.  This neat little trick will reinstall the driver on the correct USB port if the scanner is working, has power, and is plugged into the computer.

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