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HP ScanJet 4100C Installation Problems
Last updated: 08/02/03

6.  First problem... Windows should then detect the scanner and install the software.  This is where the first problem arose.  Windows couldn't find a file on the computer (probably one that was supposed to be there from the original Windows installation). and attempted to reinstall all of the ScanJet driver software--that's my best guess.  The system asks for the ScanJet CD and then says it can't find "hpscnmgr.dll" at D:\app\drivers (D: being your CD-ROM drive).  That's because the directory doesn't exist on the CD.  Point the installer to D:\English\app\drivers and it will find the file.  Next, it may say it can't find the following files (if you skip the first one, it won't find the second, etc.):

  • hpjrreg.exe

  • hpsjvset.dll

  • hpsjvxd.exe

  • hpsjvxd.vxd

  • usbscan.sys

That's because the first two are in compressed files on the HP CD. Or, at least that is where I guess they are.  I don't see them listed separately on the HP CD, they aren't one the Windows CD, there are compressed files on the HP CD, and I don't know where else they could come from.  The last three files are on the Windows CD.  Try pointing the installer at c:\windows\system.  That is where the files should be from the initial install.  This should pick-up the first two files and may pick-up all of them.  This second attempt to install was probably because one of the last three files was missing in the c:\windows\system directory.  Check c:\windows\system and see what is missing.

If one or more of the last three files is missing, you can restore them from c:\options\cabs directory, if it exists, or from the win95 directory on Windows 95 CD (you need  version OSR 2.1 or higher for USB) with the DOS prompt "extract" command.  Type "extract /?" to find-out how to use this command (do it when you have plenty of time to spare).

If you have Windows 98, you can run "msinfo32" (click Start, click Run, type "msinfo32" without the quotes; or Click Start, Accessories, System Tools, System Information).  In the  Microsoft System Information Window, click Tools followed by System File Checker.  In the System File Checker, choose "Extract one file from installation disk" radio button, type-in the missing file's name (e.g., "hpsjvxd.exe" without the quotes), click Start, enter the source path (D:\win98, where D: is your CD-ROM with the Win 98 CD), enter "c:\windows\system" in the Save file in: box, and click OK.  This utility is certainly a lot easier to use than extract.

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