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Last updated: 3/27/02

A Good Way to Clean a Computer (and a Computer Shop)

Corrupted Outlook Personal Folders File Problem

How to Identify a Motherboard

Windows 98 SE - Iomega Zip - MVP3 Problem

How to install a ScanJet 5p on Compaq Presario 6704

WD Diagnostics

Computer doesn't always detect the hard disk

AMD 350 Mhz and higher K6-2 CPUs problem with Win 95 OSR2.X

The Y2K problem.

AMD 350 Mhz and higher K6-2 CPUs and older versions of Win 95 are incompatible

Cable Modem.  I.E. 5.0 download.

Tips for solving HP ScanJet 4100C installation problems.

Ways to make a Windows 98 Startup disk


  • 6/5/99 EpoX BIOS updates, VIA all-in-one Service Pack for the MVP3 chipset, VIA FAQs.
  • 6/8/99 The Switch-a-Roo Trick (a slang expression, origin unknown)... Larry discovers a new trick for fixing Windows 98 upgrade problems.
  • 6/24/99  Weird Power supply Problem.  A customer brought a Packard Bell, Multimedia R515 computer (model 890498-03) to my shop with a power supply problem I haven't seen before.

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