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Overclock old CPU
cueballadb Feb-07-02 11:40 AM
I've got an old Intel Pentium II 350MHz, and would like some advice on how to over clock it (Sorry Larry, I know you don't approve. But I just want to play around with it, not bothered about it blowing up or data loss!)

The two options I've got in the BIOS are frequency ratio (presently 3.5) and CPU Bus Frequency (presently 100). Which one can I change, to try and make it faster?

2. RE: Overclock old CPU
Twinhead Apr-18-02 07:17 AM
In response to message 0
If you are lucky, the frequency ratio is not locked, and is upgradable.
Normally Intel locks these multiplier.
If you have PC133 compliant memory you can step the Bus frequency up.
You never get more than 466 MHz out of it. (133*3.5)
You should be aware that frequencies above 40 MHz for PCI can be devestating to your PCI cards.
I once ran a Celeron at 120/120/40 (CPU/Mem/PCI)
Wow! a Celeron 600@1080 MHz!
but i destroyed my soundcard in the process.
Other cards did survive without a scratch.
Now i have stepped back to 100/100/33 (600@900).
Works great!

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