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Cooling fan Stupidity
TemjinM Dec-10-01 08:31 PM
Sup guys... I know some of the basics of building my own computer, i've upgraded before, but this time i got a pentium 4 processor. I'm not sure if i need to go out and buy some cooling fan made specifically for the pentium 4, looks like it do, but i wanna be sure. I'm confused cuz of that thingie that my motherboard came with that seems to go around the processor, maybe to support the cooling fan. Oh, and my old processor fan not fitting is definitly makin me wonder.

1. RE: Cooling fan Stupidity
deerslayer Dec-20-01 10:43 AM
In response to message 0
The P4 has a different HSF then the AMD sockets or the P3. When pruchasing, look for one that fits a p4.

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