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Computer response slow
RickR Nov-29-01 06:58 PM
When selecting choices by mouse-click, my computer responds very slowly, taking up to 5 seconds or more before it reacts to my input. I would understand if I was in the middle of an intensive application, but I'm usually not. During these delays, the hard drive seems to be inactive. Am I experiencing an overheating problem that causes the CPU to slow????

Also, is there any problem with upgrading to the full 256M RAM with only 128K of cache??

System: Compaq 4814
Pentium I 233 MHz MMX
128K cache
Floppy Drive
CD Drive
Sound Card
S3 Trio on-board video w/2M VRAM
Windows 98SE

1. RE: Computer response slow
lbyard Nov-30-01 09:41 PM
In response to message 0
>Also, is there any problem with upgrading to the full 256M RAM with only 128K of cache??

It will most likely slow it down. 128 Mbytes might also be too much. 64 MBytes would definitely help speed things up. Research Compaq’s web site for a definitive answer. They may have the info… if you look hard. Also, you may have problems with mismatched SIMM modules. A local computer shop might have some old memory for minimal amount.

I doubt that you have an overheating problem. Is the CPU fan spinning? …If it has one? You would probably have other problems, as well.

To determine what startup programs are running click Start, Run, and enter msconfig. Also, check for unneeded stuff in the config.sys and autoexec.bat files. There may be throwbacks to Win 95? Unless you have some old DOS programs/drivers, Win 98SE will run without either of those files. Try it. You can turn them back on.

Try defragging the drive (Start, Programs, Accessories, System Tools…)

Check Start, Control, Panel, System, Device Manager for exclamation marks/interrupt conflicts. I would not put any money into the computer. Larry

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