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Cooling Fan swithches off after Post
Rob Marshall Nov-09-01 05:02 PM
Hi I have a Packard which has a 400 Celeron processor when I boot it up the fan starts but as soon as win 98 loads the fan switches off. When I shut down and windows closes the fan comes back on until the machine shuts down . I have tried different fans but the same thing happens.. I am Very puzzled !!!

1. RE: Cooling Fan swithches off after Post
deerslayer Nov-12-01 12:11 PM
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sounds odd indeed. I would check to see if the fan is plugged into the motheboard with a 3 pin plug. If it is, I would get a 3 pin to 4 extension, then plug it directly to the power supply. It sounds like the motherboard fan headers are going out.

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2. RE: Cooling Fan swithches off after Post
In response to message 1
Thanks for that I was beginning to wonder after ten veiws and nothing back.
This more or less confirmed what I thought so I will give this a try and see what happens.



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