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I can't see my CPU temperature
Sergio Nov-05-01 10:54 AM
First of all sorry for bothering you again.

The problem is that my BIOS says 0 degrees for CPU temperature.

My CPU is Celeron 466 Socket370, connected to Soyo SY-6VBA 133 Slot 1 MBO via noname slotket.

On http://www.soyo.com.tw/product/6vba133.htm I found out that my MBO has: "Precision CPU temperature monitoring through CPU on-die thermal diode"
I've looked at MBO scheme, and there's no connector for (IIRC) thermal probe.

I've found somewhere (IIRC Intel website) that on-die temp. measurement means that MBO gains temp. information from CPU, through two pins (can't remember which those are), if that's the case why doesn't it display it ?
Is it mabey that it doesn't work with celeron CPU ?

Should I change the slotket ?

Tnx, for your help in advance


P. S.
Please don't tell me to contact Soyo because I've mailed them for about 5 times and they didn't even care to reply

1. RE: I can't see my CPU temperature
deerslayer Nov-06-01 06:47 PM
In response to message 0
Well, if you are running the 466 @ default clock, have a heatsink fan on it I wouldn't worry too much about temps. Intel celeron's don't run that hot as long as they are not overclocked.
Perhaps you want to give motherboard monitor a try?

It is used to view temps while in windows, instead of the bios.
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