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which motherboard to bye?
jugo Sep-17-01 09:13 PM
I want to bye a motherboard, and I want which of this is better:
asus tusl2-c i815ep
asus cusl2-c i815ep
qdi synactix 5ep i815ep
Which you recommend it to me of this 3?
Which you recommend it of all motherboards?
And tell me a site where i can find a tests and performance between this 3 motherboards?
p.s. I don't know which is right forum , so i wrote it here.

1. RE: which motherboard to bye?
deerslayer Sep-18-01 09:51 AM
In response to message 0
what are you planning to run in it? The Tul2 is just an upgrade of the Cusl2. The Tusl2 supports the new Tualatin P3. I never heard of the 3rd board you mentioned. I highly recommend the ABIT bx 133 R board. It runs the BX chipset, which is faster then the 815, and as stable as they come. You also get the 4 extra IDE devices even if you do not plan on using the Raid. I have this board and it is by far the best board I have had.

Pentium 3 1000 @ 1100 ( windows 2000 server), Abit bx-133, 256 Mb Mushkin Rev.3 cas 2-2-2, ATI Radeon
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