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dongta77 Aug-20-01 09:08 PM
I just upgraded my TV-tunel from ISA to PCI. The ISA version is: ATI-TV ISA, the new card is: ATI-TV WONDER. I used them both on my ATI-XPERT@PLAY 98(AGP). With ISA version, I never have problem with it, but with the PCI version, the VCD or DVD did not play smooth. There are some frame drop during play. However, It's never happend with ISA version. is there any reason why this happend?? may be the AMC?? PCI does not have AMC connection to my video card.

1. RE: ATI-TV-Wonder
lbyard Aug-20-01 10:07 PM
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Do you have the latest software installed? http://support.ati.com/products/pc/tuners/win98/atitvwonder_win98_mmc.html. Larry

2. RE: ATI-TV-Wonder
dongta77 Aug-21-01 06:44 PM
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Hi Larry
yes, I have. But I'm not using it to watch my dvd. I'm using WinDVD to watch my DVD movie and MMC to watch TV. DT

3. RE: ATI-TV-Wonder
deerslayer Aug-22-01 03:35 PM
In response to message 2
Hi, well video drivers will have a say in DVD performance. Are you using the official drivers or a beta version? my experience with ATI is there beta drivers are well deserved to be called "beta". I have used beta radeon drivers that caused lock up during dvd playback. If you do not have the "official" drivers give them a try.

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