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help me with HEATSINKS
Jose Jul-21-01 11:56 PM
I have a few questions about heat-sinks. Frankly, I am sick or researching them, so I hope you guys can help me out. I don't know if I should get an aluminum or copper one for my 1.2 Athlon? how high should the CFM be? Should I get one for my 1.2 able enough to cool a 1.4? Is socket 462, the same as socket A? One last thing, who makes the best AMD approved CPU cooler? I would appreciate any help with my questions.
Thank You

1. RE: help me with HEATSINKS
waddy Jul-23-01 11:10 AM
In response to message 0

CFM is important - minimum 36CFM
if you want to O/C get a real good one ...

I have a 1000@1275 Athlon running on a ASUS A7A266, 130MHZ FSB ....

CPU temp idle = 40 c
underload = 44-46 c

I use GlobalWin CAK38
GlobalWin's latest high performance cooler suitable for Socket A (AMD Duron, Athlon Thunderbird) and Socket 370 (Celeron II, Pentium III) CPU applications. The CAK38's heatsink is constructed entirely of copper for improved thermal conductivity. Fitted with the ultra-high output Delta 60mm fan spinning at 6800RPM and pushing 37.6CFM. Without doubt one of the very best coolers money can buy.

2. RE: help me with HEATSINKS
deerslayer Jul-25-01 12:04 PM
In response to message 1
I highly recommend the Thermalright sk-6 with a delta fan. It's loud, but very effective. My load temps @ 1630 are 40c.

Pentium 3 1000 @ 1195, Abit bx-133, 256 Mb Mushkin Rev.3 cas 2-2-2, Leadtek GeForce 3 Air Cooled.
AMD Thunderbird 1.33 @ 1.5 (24/7) IWILL KK266R , Corsairs pc 150 cl2, Leadtek GeForce 3

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