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Building your own computer
Tjazz38 Jun-04-01 01:10 PM
I have decided to build my own computer and want to be sure I do everything correctly. I see several articles on your site, but each one deals with SPECIFIC motherboards, CPU's, etc. I do not want to use any of these, but instead want to use my own choices in a motherboard, CPU, etc. Is there an article you could recommend that would deal more in general installation techniques for putting together a computer. I want to build a Pentium III computer. I will probably use an Asus motherboard and will order a full tower case. I will install a CD ROM and an HP CD-writer DVD combo. Otherwise it will have all the normal components. Any suggestions, recommendations?

1. RE: Building your own computer
lbyard Jun-04-01 04:12 PM
In response to message 0
Those articles use specific components as examples and are applicable to building computers with other components (motherboard, CPUs, etc.). There are many comments of a general nature throughout the articles. I donít know how else to describe how to build a computer. As far as being knowledgeable (which is lacking in many articles on the Internet), I doubt you will a find a build your own computer article on the Internet written by someone who has been designing and building computers for 23 years and has a shop in which 1,829 of them have been built and 10ís of thousands have been upgraded and repaired. You might call those articles somewhat tedious reading, but if you follow the instructions you will avoid a lot of mistakes. I know of no easy way to absorb the knowledge; it canít be done with an article that barely scratches the surface or through osmosis. Hands-on experience in a shop would be better, however. Larry

2. RE: Building your own computer
deerslayer Jun-12-01 02:44 PM
In response to message 1
Agree Larry. even motherboard manuals are poor information sometime. Following Larry's guides will keep you out of trouble from making "BAD" mistakes. Best advice is to take your time and follow good guides like Larry's for someone just starting out.

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