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Powering The Pig
Mojo Mar-20-01 11:39 AM
Problem. My 400w power supply has leads for two drives that have the extra smaller connector included. I am guessing these go to the CD and Floppy. In addition it has two more leads with double power connectors like the ones that go to my hard drives on my existing system. The problem is that I have six hard drives to wire up, as well as 9 case fans and the CPU cooler fan that the instructions say needs to be connected to the power supply directly instead of the mobo. I am guessing that I can split the ones to the hard drives with no problem, but was wondering about the fans. Do these normally connect to the mobo?

I have listed the components, specs, links, and as much other info as I could collect so far and put them up on a makeshift website at;


The fans are all 1,700 rpm quiet types and draw very little current and the mobo is a newer model so I am hoping that they have taken into account the increasing power demands of the CPU cooler and case cooling systems, but that may not be the case.

I work with massive bitmaps that can reach 500MB each with numerous layers and alpha channels. Hard drive failure is my worst nightmare, so I do not want to under power them in any way. The storage array will be an ATA 100 RAID 0 1 setup using four Maxtor 80 Gig 5200rpm drives. The OS will run on a ATA 100 RAID 0 setup using two IBM 20 Gig 7200rpm Deskstar drives. I have one 256MB Samsung DDR2100 DIMM and will be adding two 512MM DIMM's when the price drops to a reasonable level. Will the 400w PS be sufficient to power this pig? Any input would be greatly appreciated!


1. RE: Powering The Pig
lbyard Mar-20-01 12:41 PM
In response to message 0
Y connectors for 5 1/4 drive power cables are readily available. The small connectors are for floppy drives and Zip drives, etc. CD-ROMs, DVDs, etc. use the larger connectors as do hard disk drives. I would rather have a CPU fan that connects to the motherboard for monitoring, but it isnít a big deal with temperature monitoring and automatic shutdown. I use 3,500 RPM, 80mmX80mm case fans made by Antec. They are quiet and plug into the motherboard for monitoring. In my opinion, the system is going be too complex, noisy, possibly hot regardless of the number of fans, dirty because of the fans, and vulnerable to failure. I would split the file server (storage) and workstation functions, and build a server and network before putting that many drives in one case. The server does not have to be the most powerful computer on the market. I use pass-me-down motherboards and CPUs for my servers. Larry

2. RE: Powering The Pig
deerslayer Mar-21-01 02:44 PM
In response to message 1
I found the Y connectors Larry mentioned @ radio shack!!!!

633 Celeron @1055, Abit bx-133, 256 pc 133 @ cas 2-2-3, ATI radeon 64 mb DDR 16 fans

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