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SiSoft Sandra
Anchor 100 Jul-29-02 05:37 PM

I have downloaded the standard version of this software Win32x85 ANSI set to run a few tests etc.

On checking the Gigabyte web site FAQ for my Motheboard GA7ZX(1:01)
it advises that versions of SiSoft conflict with Via KT133 chipsets
has anyone come across this problem wth these Via chip sets and SiSoft when running this software
Puzzeled ?


1. RE: SiSoft Sandra
lbyard Jul-29-02 06:43 PM
In response to message 0
Believe I saw some problems the last time I reviewd a motherboard, which was the Epox 8KHA+ (see Reviews to the left). That was with the Pro version, which I have not used since, and may not use again. Larry

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