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CPU and System Temp
Kazmierzak Jun-12-02 12:33 PM
In win 98 or any thing else for that matter. Is there a way to display the CPU and system temps? That are being gathered by the system. These are the one that can be seen in CMOS set-up.

1. RE: CPU and System Temp
Twinhead Jun-12-02 01:56 PM
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If your Mainboard has a CD-Rom disk with it, there should be something as PC Probe on it.

If none at all, goto the site of your manufactorer and see if they have something to download.

Otherwise, search on the net for something like this.


2. RE: CPU and System Temp
lbyard Jun-12-02 06:30 PM
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http://duxcw.com/digest/Reviews/Software/Utility/mbmon.htm. Larry

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