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Pentium 4 1.6a a overclockers dream
deerslayer Jun-09-02 09:46 AM
LAST EDITED ON Jun-09-02 AT 10:33 AM (EDT)
Years ago I had a 300a celeron that hit 500 mhz. Then I get a 633 Celly that did 1071.
This 1.6a is just amazing. I am trying to get it stable @ 2711 mhz. I have it in a Abit BD7 (I 845 chipset) motherboard along with Samsung pc 2700. The motherboard has a feature to fix the agp/pci @ 66/33 so It doesnt stress components.

Here is a memory bench with FSB @ 162. running the DDR @ 215

I have since done a volt modification to the cpu so I can get the voltage over 1.7.


I used conductive paint instead of the wire.
I now have up to 2.2 in voltage options, though i think i need to be in the artic to try it
I have run 3dmark2001 @ 168 fsb successfully. ( 2696 mhz) here is a compare for those of you that have ran it.
I have replaced the stock HSF with a Volcano 7+ that gives me 10c lower temps then stock.

All in all it is a great setup and Im not missing AMD :-P It seems every few years Intel has a cpu that does an insane overclock, interesting coming from them.

2. RE: Pentium 4 1.6a a overclockers dream
lbyard Jun-10-02 01:29 PM
In response to message 0
Most Intel CPUs (those that were not throttled) could be overclocked all the way back to day 1 (i8080; I don’t know for sure about the 4004 and 8008). That is because good engineering practices allow for a healthy margin of error in the variation of a product when it is manufactured, calibration tolerance in the equipment used to test them, and operation of a product at the extremes of its official specifications, and probably somewhat beyond. I remember overclocking 80286 processors years ago. It was a common practice. Most of them worked OK. Some didn't. And our meager burn-in tests, which exercised the CPU all night long, did not weed them-out. The ones that didn't would sometimes cause problems such a database corruption that one wouldn't see for quite a period of time and until after extensive damage was done. I got “burned” by a couple of those. That is why I don't do it anymore (although, on occasion, I’ve been tempted). But, by all means, please have fun! Larry

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