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Memory Settings for Athlon
rcb27405 Mar-12-01 09:47 PM
Larry I am running PC133mhz memory with the Athlon 950 mhz CPU. In Award's bios they have the memory timing set as "SDRAM 10ns" and Cycle Length set to "Auto". The choices for timing are
SDRAM 10ns
SDRAM 8 ns

The cycle length is auto,2, and 3.
Are the default settings the optimum for this computer with the Chaintech 7ATA board.

1. RE: Memory Settings for Athlon
lbyard Mar-13-01 02:21 PM
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LAST EDITED ON Mar-13-01 AT 02:23 PM (GMT)

That depends on how good the memory and motherboard are. Obviously, the default settings are conservative (like me, when it comes to computers). Good PC133 memory should be able to operate at 8 ns. Iíll leave discussion and recommendations on other settings to other readers of this forum. Be advised that changing CAS and other settings can lead to system instability and file corruption, especially in hot weather. Larry

2. RE: Memory Settings for Athlon
diletante Mar-13-01 03:30 PM
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You could find out the particulars on your PC-133 RAM and set the parameters accordingly. Alternately, try faster settings 1 at a time and be ready to back track. Rob

3. RE: Memory Settings for Athlon
Mojo Mar-20-01 11:58 AM
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The Samsung memory I picked up for my new computer has all of the specs listed on their website. They have a decoder that will identify all of the specs by the part # printed on the chip. The timing on mine says 7.5ns. It also says it is 128MB, which better be wrong. It says 256MB on the stickers on the DIMM, which is what I ordered. Here is what the decoder came up with for mine;

Samsung 106

K4H280838B TC80

K = Memory

4 = DRAM


28 = 128M 4K/64ms

08 = x8

3 = 4 Bank

8 = SSTL(3.0V, 3.0V)

B = 3rd Generation

T = TSOP2-400

C = Commercial, Normal

B0 = 7.5ns@CL2.5

Hope it helps. Mojo

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