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Not Enough Space
freedomland Apr-29-02 05:39 PM
I formated my computer and deleted all my partitions and when I tried to install Windows ME, it said "not enough space" and told me to make a space where I can temporarily store data. So I created a primary partition with fdisk in my startup disk and said yes to extend its space. But the same thing happend when I tried to install Windows ME again. How would I be able to format my computer?

1. RE: Not Enough Space
Twinhead Apr-30-02 05:12 AM
In response to message 0
LAST EDITED ON Apr-30-02 AT 05:14 AM (EST)
Delete your current partition.
Retry to make a partition, but do NO on the question for extending it.
The partition should be not larger then 2047 Megabytes)
If the setup for WinME is 16-bit, it can't read extended partitions since they are FAT-32.
The partition should be as FAT-16.
Format it prior to set WinMe up.
After fully setup, PowerQuest Disk Image will be able to extend the partition, and converts it to what ever filesystem you want.
(Does WinMe have these programs either?)

Afcourse this is an old trick, it worked fine with some of the older computers i had on my school.


2. RE: Not Enough Space
freedomland Apr-30-02 02:57 PM
In response to message 1
Can you format a computer in DOS mode, if yes, how?

3. RE: Not Enough Space
Twinhead Apr-30-02 03:57 PM
In response to message 2
LAST EDITED ON Apr-30-02 AT 04:03 PM (EST)
Yes you can.

(It is not quite DOS, but it will do an adequate job)
If you have access to a Windows 98 computer, create a startup disk.
Go to This:
Here it is layed down how to do this.
Start your machine from the Floppy Disk.
Start Fdisk and delete ALL partitions.
After deleting partitions with it, reboot from floppy Disk,
restart Fdisk, make one partition and restart again from floppy Disk.
When started again, enter "format c: /u" (Without quotes).
After that you can boot from the CD-Rom to begin installing WinMe.


4. RE: Not Enough Space
freedomland May-01-02 08:31 PM
In response to message 3
Ok thanks, it works, but just one little question, what's the /u switch for? Can you format without it?

5. RE: Not Enough Space
Twinhead May-02-02 06:42 AM
In response to message 4
Yes you can format it without.
But the /U tells Format to UNCONDITIONALLY begin the formatting process.
It does not look for an "image" and does not matter of there is any sensetive files on the drive.
The old Image.com file creates a data image on the drive so it could be recovered after Format c:
With the /U it is impossible!

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