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Graphics looking grainy
Alistair Apr-12-02 02:14 PM
Hi there.....Ok ive just finished building my new computer and cant decided whether I have something wrong with my graphics or not!!
I have a 15 inch monitor and am running it at true colour and 800 600.
i have a voodoo 5500 graphics card and i have installed the correct driver under windows 2000.
Somehow the graphics dont seem "right" ...i mean they are way better than what i used to have on my old computer (4mb integrated ~shudder~) but the icons and some text just looks really bad...someone sugested changing the icon size and font size.....ive changed things about but can never seem to get things quite right...when the picture looks really sharp all the icons and even wrighting on the internet looks really really small..
Ive got a horrible feeling that im missing something really simple!!!

Any Help?


1. RE: Graphics looking grainy
lbyard Apr-12-02 03:37 PM
In response to message 0
Maybe it's time to give the old eyeballs a rest? I'm not joking. I really can't help without seeing the darn thing. It "sounds" like you have it set for 256 colors instead of true color, but it were it probably would look like your old display adapter. Larry

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