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PC performance problems
Greg Dykes Feb-19-02 10:59 PM
I've got this problem with my PC (PII 350 MHz, 256 MB RAM). The problem is that the PC seems to "hang" often. I very often get a msg that a task is not responding. Lots of times I have to manually do the "cntr alt dlt" and end task. Other symptoms are that my modem takes sometimes up to one minute to actually hang up after I tell my ISP s/w to disconnect. Another symptom is that shortcuts to data files on my desktop take up to a half minute to "come up" while if in the application and doing a "file open" to the same file, it is very fast. Peforming a graceful shutdown takes a while and sometimes hangs with manually intervention needed.
I often get a WIN95 RPC error message.
I renently upgraded from 96 to 256 MB RAM and the problem seemed to get worse.

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated!


1. RE: PC performance problems
lbyard Feb-20-02 12:31 PM
In response to message 0
Beleive it or not, too much memory can slow-down a computer, especially an older one. If the amount memory exceeds tha amount of memory that can be cached then none of it will be cached. Try downgrading, or upgrading to 128 MBytes. Larry

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