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removing windows me
tnftwo Dec-05-00 03:22 AM
Just purchased a new name brand computer that came with windows ME. Due to numerous harware/software conflicts I am trying to wipe it off my machine. I have noted
1. the uninstall feature only works for machines which have previously had another version of windows.
2. Windows ME does not allow use of the format C: /s command.
3. Even when booting from a Win 98 boot disk or WIn ME disk with (command.com, IO.sys files added) I can't use format.

SO, How can I remove windows ME?????????????

1. RE: removing windows me
lbyard Dec-05-00 05:36 PM
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I would take the hard disk down to “bare metal” with fdisk, format it, and install another version of Windows. See our Windows and Build your own computer how to articles for more info. To do that you would need either the full version of windows, or a still older version of windows that an upgrade can verify. Of course, everything on the hard would be erased in the process. I think your approach is inadvisable and that it probably will not solve your problems. I have been running Windows Me for months and it is the most stable and well behaved consumer version of Windows (3.x, 9x) so far . Suggest troubleshooting the real problem: IRQ conflicts. Start by enabling OS is PnP Aware in your computer CMOS Setup. That will allow Windows to do IRQ steering and may solve the problem. Larry

2. RE: removing windows me
diletante Dec-05-00 05:44 PM
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just ignore me -- Larry answered it while I was typing, Rob

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