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windows me
deerslayer Nov-10-00 11:57 AM
I have set up my dial up using the internet connection wizard. The next time the computer is restarted, the dial up does not automatically dial out when internet explorer is opened. Under tools, I have always dial my default connection, and also checked it under dial up networking. works great until the computer is restarted, or when it is booted after a shutdown, then it doesnt dial out. when i check the conections under explorer tools, the box marked never dail out is checked after a restart.. When i recheck always dial out it works fine for that session of windows. Of course i can manually dial out with my shortcut to my isp connection. any ideas?????

1. RE: windows me
lbyard Nov-10-00 05:55 PM
In response to message 0
Get a cable MODEM or DSLů

If wife says no, Start, Run, regedit:

AutodialDllName32 to wininet.dll
AutodialFcnName32 to InternetAutodialCallback

MSTCP to ""

Problem is caused by Autodial settings in the registry are missing or damaged, or have been replaced by third-party values.

Ref: Microsoft Knowledge Base Article ID: Q190921

The usual precautions concerning editing the registry apply; i.e., back-up it up first.

In a hurry. UPS just came with my first stealth Christmas present to myself: a 7,200 RPM hard disk drive. Larry

2. RE: windows me
deerslayer Nov-10-00 08:43 PM
In response to message 1
No dsl or cable service available around here.

3. RE: windows me
deerslayer Nov-15-00 11:27 AM
In response to message 2
Well, I follwed your advise, and still have the same problem. I have to manually click on my dial up. Interestingly enough, if I open outlook express, it will dial automatically. also if I have explorer open and connected, and open outlook express, it closes the dial up and then redials. I have them both seup using the connection wizard.Also, after making the changes to the reg. it dials up at startup. Thats fine I guess but really would like it to dial automatically when explorer is opened. Under options it always has " never dial a connection" is checked, even after I change it and the recheck to see if the changes are there. I have noticed various other quirks with ME, especially with several cd writing programs that I have that worked fine in 98SE. Is there a service pack out yet for ME? THANKS!

4. RE: windows me
lbyard Nov-15-00 05:27 PM
In response to message 3
There is a recent service pack for IE but the download is huge. For Win Me updates, just click Start and at the top of the Start menu it says "Windows Update."

5. RE: windows me
deerslayer Nov-17-00 01:36 AM
In response to message 4
Well the service pack did not help. I went back into the registry and the line above "autodialidname32" where is says default, it was at "not set" I changed it to 0 and it seems ok, at least it doesnt boot me and redial when i have i.e. open and go to check my mail.

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