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win98 start up
dmh_700 Aug-17-02 12:44 PM
can anyone help, when i start my pc i get an ms-dos window on desktop. the window is called attrib. it dosnt seem to cause a problem when i close it, it just seems to be visible rather than invisible, does anyone know how i can set it back to how it should be. i have tried reloading windows-no effect and restoring all system files-no effect.

any advice would be helpful.

1. RE: win98 start up
Zeno Aug-17-02 11:28 PM
In response to message 0
First, look in the Start>Programs>Startup list and see if there's any reference to MS DOS Prompt. If there is, remove it.

Second, click Start>Run... and type <msconfig> (no brackets)
Look on the Startup tab and uncheck any box that refers to MS DOS.

Best wishes...

2. RE: win98 start up
lbyard Aug-19-02 02:57 PM
In response to message 1
Also, look in the win.ini with msconfig for a load or run line. Larry

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