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Windows XP drivers for Compaq 5000 series computer
mead123 Aug-15-02 08:07 PM
I want to upgrade a friend's Compaq 5000 series computer which is
currently running Windows ME to Windows XP Professional. Problem
is getting the drivers for the modem, video card, network card &
sound card. I tryed Compaq's tech support but they simply told
me that they don't provide support for customers upgrading their
system or somthing to that effect. Hope to get some help from
you guys. Below is a partial system profile obtain from running Belarc Advisor software :

Motherboard: Compaq 06E4h
Modem : HSP56 MicroModem
Network : Accton EN1207D series PCI Fast Ethernet Adopter
Multimedia : SoundMax interated Digital Audio
Video : Nvidia Vanta LT

Hope to get you help

1. RE: Windows XP drivers for Compaq 5000 series computer
trumpetr Aug-15-02 11:58 PM
In response to message 0
By Searching GOOGLE FOR 5 minutes, Matt Found:

Sound Card
Video Card

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