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Outlook Expres & an useless failure message.
Twinhead Aug-10-02 04:59 AM
Now i have a problem with a pc from a relative.

The story that lead to this problem:
He had messed up Windows 98 SE so badly that i had to reinstall it.
Beceause of the little time i had, and he has lots of software to reinstall after that, i decided to strip the harddrive from its system-files and sys it with DOS 6.22 (It has FAT-16 partitions).
After reboot, it booted successfully and i was able to read the drive's directory structure.
Then i begun reinstalling Win98 SE from its location where the CAB files were stored.
Installation and hardware detection were successful and Windows booted up perfectly.
All the already installed software were also perfect again.

The problem:
anytime when i attempt to open Outlook Express it opens OK.
But when i want to read an already existing e-mail, or want to create a new one, It gives me an error message.
As seen on a joke in a post earlier, It is a technically correct answer but it is completely useless!

The meassage: (Dutch)

{In the header}
Er is een fout opgetreden bij het openen van dit bericht.
An Error has occoured while opening this message

{In the message box}
Er is een fout opgetreden.
An error has occoured.

Only one choice in this box: "OK"
Result, NONE, Even not proceeded with the action i wanted.

Things i had done to remedy the problem: (NO success!)

the Character "&" means the part right from it is actually moved, copied, deleted or otherwise dealth with.
A & before a \ means Also the contens of the map / directory where it is placed in, Not the map / directory itself.

01: I have copied the map c:\windows\application data\&identeties\*.* to another partition. (Including subdirectories!)
02: Edited the registry and deleted the keys "HKEY_CURRENT_USER\IDENTETIES&\&*.*
03: I have booted in MS-DOS mode and deleted the map c:\windows\application data\&identeties\*.* (Including subdirectories!)
03: Rebooted windows and Deinstalled Outlook Express.
04: Rebooted again and reinstalled Outlook Express.
05: Rebooted and started Outlook Expres.

Still not able to read the first message who comes with the install.
It gives the same error message.
Even when i reimported the messages from the other partition it cannot read them, nor can it create a new one.


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1. RE: Outlook Expres & an useless failure message.
Rod Aug-11-02 06:10 AM
In response to message 0
What version is it?
Try installing outlook 6 and if it is still the same, I would suggest it may have a virus in the pc.
Or there is a bad conflict with another program that has been installed.

Start from scratch again and don't install anything else until you have tested Outlook first.


2. RE: Outlook Expres & an useless failure message.
lbyard Aug-12-02 12:47 PM
In response to message 0
The problem is probably in the message database. Try compacting it with tools. Options, Maintenance. Back it up first. Some of this, which is on Outlook 2000, might be useful: http://duxcw.com/digest/Fromshop/software/outlook/pst.html. Larry

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