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"Operating System not found" error on 98/NT dual boot m/c
NitishNaharas Aug-09-02 09:57 PM
I have been having this problem recur every five days. I have a dual bootable (Win98 / Win NT4.0 sp6) Compaq m/c woth 650 MHz Athlon and a 20GB hard disk. When I start my PC, it starts up and then instead of giving the menu to select the OS, it says - "Operating System not found".

I installed the latest version of McAfee Anti-virus and ran the System File Checker in Win 98. It comes up after a few times of putting the emergency disk. I opened up the m/c to see if I had any loose cables. And, it worked for three days before it again came up with the message.

Is the hard disk about to crash? Do you know what it might be?

Afraid that the disk is dying, I bought a new 120GB hard drive yesterday and installed it as a slave to the original 20GB Master. Right now, I can see the disk 2 using Partition Magic but it has no partitions, no OS.

I have Win2000 but do not know how to proceed with putting in the partitions etc. What steps would you recommend? Should I partition the new disk with FAT32 so that it can be seen by Windoes 98 also? Do I install Windows 2000 in one of the partitions on the new drive in the slave mode. Can I upgrade the Win Nt dual booot to be Windows 2000 safely without harming the dual boot?

I will really appreciate any advice on this.


1. RE: "Operating System not found" error on 98/NT dual boot m/c
lbyard Aug-10-02 00:23 AM
In response to message 0
See if these answer some of your questions:


I would do a clean install on the new hard disk. Larry

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