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Win98 PC won't
Flamingo Aug-09-02 10:07 AM
One of my home networked pc's is running Windows 98 SE. The pc is on 24/7. The power management setup is:
Power Scheme: Always On
System Standby: Never
Turn Off Monitor: 15 min.
Turn Off Hard Disks: 1 hr

The problem occurs overnight after not using the pc for, let's say, 12 hours. Neither the mouse nor keyboard nor CTL-ALT-DEL will wake up the pc. A power button reboot is required. Do I need to tweak the power management parameters or is there a corrupt file(s).

1. RE: Win98 PC won't
Zeno Aug-09-02 10:33 AM
In response to message 0
It's possible you have a CMOS setting that's conflicting with WIN98 power management. The basic strategy is to turn off CMOS power management and let WIN98 do it's own thing. Go into CMOS and try turning off the power-up options.

If you have older hardware, it's also possible you have a monitor driver or a video driver that doesn't support WIN9X power management, but this is unlikely.

Best wishes...

2. RE: Win98 PC won't
TMaslanka Aug-09-02 10:56 AM
In response to message 1
The problem is with your turn off hard drive option on your power saving feature. Change it to NEVER. This feature has frequently causes freeze-ups. You should always turn off your PC at the end of the day. The clears up a lot of little problems and frees up resourses. One user could not do anything because her resourses were only 17%. She rebooted and she was fine. Tom

3. RE: Win98 PC won't
Zeno Aug-09-02 11:08 AM
In response to message 2
Tom, I think this is excellent advice, and it probably will work. But please explain why a PC with these settings would power up after, say 45 minutes, but not over night? I'm just curious an would like to learn more.

Best wishes...

5. RE: Win98 PC won't
lbyard Aug-09-02 11:41 AM
In response to message 0
I think it is being caused by your network, or at least that is my experience. My theory is the thing is locking-up from noise one the line causing a buffer to overflow... Pulling the network adapter would prove whether or not it is causing it.

One should take the time to calculate how much it costs to leave a computer on overnight. You might be surprised. I also consider it to be a fire hazard. Why? Because over the years I have seen more than one computer sitting in my showroom or shop fail with clouds of smoke. Of course, we did leave servers on and burn-in computers overnight. But we had smoke detectors, etc. on a monitored system wired to the police and fire departments. Larry

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