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win 98 "incorrect dos version"
dmh_700 Aug-07-02 09:43 AM
hi guys
when windows boots up i have an error box on my desktop stating incorrect dos version. i can close this down and everything seems to work ok ........ it's just really irritating.

i seem to remember seeing somthing about a fix which is basically having to reload command.com into somewhere but i cant remember the details.

does anyone have any ideas what i'm going on about and can they fill the blanks in for me.

1. RE: win 98 "incorrect dos version"
lbyard Aug-07-02 11:16 AM
In response to message 0
Sys the drive with a Win 98 Startup floppy.
c:\>sys /?
It may be something else. In which case...
c:\>setver /?

2. RE: win 98
Zeno Aug-07-02 11:32 AM
In response to message 1
LAST EDITED ON Aug-07-02 AT 11:39 AM (EDT)
Most of the various versions of DOS for WIN9X have a slightly different version of command.com. Somehow, you've managed to get the io.sys startup file to look for a different version of DOS than the one expected in the registry initialization. You probably installed some software that's looking for a different DOS version than the one io.sys calls. WIN98 stores several backup versions of command.com in various folders, including the root directory of the HD, and the C:\Windows directory.

Roboot into a "true" DOS prompt and type <ver> (without brackets) to see what version DOS says is there. Then boot back into WIN98 and check the Device Manager information to see if you have the same version as the DOS prompt.

As Larry suggests, the first strategy is to make a fresh Emergency Startup Disk from your current version of WIN98. You can use this ESD to boot to the command prompt and use the command <sys.com a: c:> (without the brackets) to attempt to restore a compatible version of command.com.

Another strategy is to open the system information utility, then use the "Tools" menu to open the system file checker. In the system file checker, check the radio button that says "Scan for altered files." Then click the "Settings..." button in the lower right.

On the "Search criteria" tab include (as a minimum) the following directories: C:\ and C:\windows. The defaults will probably be OK. Then run a system file check to see if you have any altered files. Have your WIN98 installation disk handy in case you need to extract any replacement files. System file checker may or may not catch a command.com compatibility error if you're still using any 16-bit software or drivers.

Best Wishes...

3. RE: win 98
dmh_700 Aug-17-02 12:48 PM
In response to message 2
thanks guys, dos version is no longer a problem after copying sys files again .........................
i cant get rid of the ms-dos ATTRIB window that is on the desktop after starting up, as before it dosnt seem to be a problem, its just there, any idea how to hide it away again. ive looked in startup file and it seems to be attached to 'forget me not reminders'. any further help would be appreciated.

4. RE: win 98
lbyard Aug-19-02 02:56 PM
In response to message 3
It may be in the C:\autoexec.bat file. Larry

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