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win98 and 2000 on same partition
roxbcs Jul-26-02 09:14 AM
Why they done this i dont know, but how do i remove win98 from the partition without bothering the 2000. This individual installed windows and then upgraded to 98 and then installed 2000 on the same partition. How do i resolve this problem to leave 2000 usable.

1. RE: win98 and 2000 on same partition
Zeno Jul-26-02 11:19 AM
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LAST EDITED ON Jul-26-02 AT 11:28 AM (EDT)
If your data means anything at all, you should back it up and reinstall everything from sctatch. Use the WIN2K CD partition options to clean off your HD.

If you want a dual boot, then install WIN9X *first*, and leave enough room on the HD (4 or 5 GB) for WIN2K. If you don't want a dual boot, then just install WIN2K with whatever file system you prefer. If you install WIN2K on a small NTFS partition (about 4 or 5 GB), you can use Disk Manager to create RAID drives or dynamic volumes on the rest of your HD.

If you still want to clean up your present mess, then please post more info:

1) When you boot, do you see a menu from which to choose WIN2K or WIN9X??

2) If there's no boot choice menu, are you booting straight into WIN2K??

3) How many partitions do you have and what are their respective file systems?
(Are you using FAT 16, FAT 32 or possibly NTFS)?

4) What are the *exact* contents of the "default=" line in your <boot.ini> file?

5) Do you know where to find the <boot.ini> file, how to use attrib to make it visible,and how to edit <boot.ini> if you need to?

6) Do you know how to make and use an Emergency Recovery Disk?

7) Are you prepared to use the WIN2K Recovery Console if needed?

2. RE: win98 and 2000 on same partition
Zeno Jul-26-02 12:38 PM
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If that was all too complicated, here's something else to try. But FIRST, back up all your data and use the WIN2K Backup utility to make a fresh ERD. If the ERD program asks if you want to back up your registry, definitely use the YES button.

The strategy below may or may not work, and even if it does you'll probably wind up with an unstable system. But maybe it's worth a try...up to you...

1) Go into the Control Panel and open the Add/Remove programs applet.

2) Look for a copy of Windows 98 in the programs list.

3) If you find WIN98 in the list, select it and click the Change/Remove button (upper right).

4) Reboot. If the system doesn't crash, you'll probably be O.K.

5) If the system crashes, you can try the ERD repair process, or Recovery Console.

6) Be prepared for the WORST: a complete reinstall. (Which I recommend anyway.)

3. RE: win98 and 2000 on same partition
roxbcs Jul-29-02 07:16 AM
In response to message 1
I appreciate your help and you have assured me of the way i need to fix this situation. The best way is to just totally redo the whole hard drive. Thanks again

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