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File extensions
sconic1 Jul-25-02 08:38 AM
What is a .bin file? What program can I use to open it? Is there any way to change the extension?

1. RE: File extensions
Zeno Jul-25-02 04:34 PM
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The file extension *.bin stands for binary. These files are used extensively in DOS and WIN9X, mostly for running 16-bit software, including some utilities and driver calls. There are also some old DOS utilities with *.bin file exensions.

Some *.bin files contain assembler routines to speed up threads and reduce CPU utilization.

You can open *.bin files with a disk editor, but I can't imagine for what purpose, unless you think reinstalling your OS is a kick.

If you start renaming *.bin file extensions, your going to greatly *INCREASE* your chances of system crashes and hard lockups, especially in WIN9X

Best wishes....

2. RE: File extensions
emvmendez Jul-30-02 05:04 PM
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Furthermore to what Zeno mentioned, it is also a MacBinary File, the Mac's version of Zip.

4. RE: File extensions
lbyard Jul-30-02 06:24 PM
In response to message 2
As a matter of possible interest bin or binary files go back further than the Mac, Apple, Microsoft, and the PC. Larry

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