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x( XP corrupted forced to reinstall constantly
Fedele Jul-21-02 09:51 AM

This is my first post for a question I need to ask and I'd like to thank you all for this great site.

I hope someone can help me figure out what is wrong with my WIN XP. I used to have WIN ME. Bought XP and after a clean install, I run all the updates from MS site. Update all drivers...life was good back then. A couple of weeks went by without problems. Then suddenly I get three separate (and maybe not related?)errors:

1. Ocassionally, when I boot, windows tells me that one of my hard disks needs to be checked for consistency. It detects a couple of corrupted files and fixes it. OK, I let XP do that.

2.XP freezes. Not even CTRL+ALT+DEL works on the thing. Must use the reset button. System reboots and Windows tells me that the program has recovered from a serious crash. I inform MS about it. It takes me to a help page that tells me that the problem is related to a hardware driver.

3.Other users can't even open MSN Messenger and access the internet with MSN explorer is just too slow or impossible.

Now the big problem is:
then (and this is the reason I am writing this) after this is repeated ocasionally on various reboots, one day I shut down at night, and the next morning boom!!, I can't boot windows. Says some files are corrupted for a brief half a sec, can't read what it is. Safe mode doesn't work. Tried booting with a WIN ME BOOT floppy, can't do because I formated my HDD with NTFS format. Tried the boot disk from XP doesn't work because it's only for installing XP and the repair in there didn't work, it took me to command prompt after I loaded 6 disks and attempted a recovery. Then I tried the repair install by booting from cd, and in the middle of the process simply freezes. I do this reveral times. The thing is that when it is almost ready to boot, windows reboots!. I get angry and format C: and E: both to NTFS (fortunately I backed up in CD-Rw's before) I simply had to reinstall everything. There was just no way I could get XP to boot after this error. Last time this happened was yesterday, and I reinstalled without formatting the partitions. Now WIN Media Player can't detect my WMA MP3 audio files when I hit F3. FRUSTRATING, it doesn't detect any of the programs that were installed previously (my precious games!). SO I had to reinstall WINDOWS, OFFICE, ETC.
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1. RE: x( XP corrupted forced to reinstall constantly
lbyard Jul-22-02 02:25 AM
In response to message 0
Sounds like bad memory or a noisy power supply, but is could be any number of things. The CPU may be running hot. The motherboard could be defective. I would do a surface scan of the drives and check for a virus. Of course, if you are overclocking you know what is doing it. Larry

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