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Missing Vxd and explorer crashes
ikellen Jul-17-02 07:16 PM
A while back I was trying to set up dial-up networking with another computer, and I had to install the "communications" extension for windows. This was a system type install, but anyways halfway through the computer locked and I had to reboot. When I rebooted, i got an error message that the system cannont find "ndiswan.vxd" and the file is required for the system registry. It said to press any key and once I did, the system booted up fine. Only problem is whenever I am doing things such as closing applications I will get illegal operations from Explorer and the system wil go into some sort of safe mode where I only have volume controls in my system tray. The system will run fine while in this safe mode, but its overall processor and memory performance is slowed down alot. Could I jsut replace this ndiswan.vxd file? Any ideas?

2. RE: Missing Vxd and explorer crashes
lbyard Jul-17-02 09:26 PM
In response to message 0
Click Start, Settings, Control Panel, Add/Remove Programs, Windows Setup tab, Communications. Details, click to clear the Dial-Up Networking check box. Close, OK, Apply, restart Windows when prompted. Go back to Add/Remove programs and reinstall Dial-up Networking. Larry

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