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stephenl Jun-05-02 09:05 AM
Does anyone use Linux at there companies ? Or at Home ? If so what for and what distribution do people think are the best ?

1. RE: Linux
DJ Net2Infinity Jun-05-02 03:58 PM
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I use Linux at home and alot of companies are using it, most all web pages are hosted on Linux servers. At the company I work for we have 5 Linux Servers (Red Hat 7.3) , 8 Sun Solaris Servers, and 2 pesky Novell Servers. As for choice of Distribution I run Red Hat because its what my company runs and supports and is the most popular version. I think it is something like 82% of all linux users are running Red Hat, but really its a personal choice.

2. RE: Linux
midnight Jul-11-02 03:34 PM
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>Does anyone use Linux at there companies ? Or at Home ? If
>so what for and what distribution do people think are the
>best ?

I am linux user also. I'd say Red Hat, FreeBSD, or even Debian. I use Red Hat 7.3. I just downloaded it from a red hat mirror site.. took a day or so. I downloaded the iso's and burned them with Nero. It worked nicely. I also partitioned my windows ME computer and had it dual boot. Works Just make sure you have compatible hardware and everything should go fine.

3. RE: Linux
lbyard Jul-11-02 03:55 PM
In response to message 2
I may move this thread to Operating Systems later. Larry

4. RE: Linux
ikellen Jul-17-02 07:07 PM
In response to message 3
I am running Red Hat 7.2 and although the install didnt go exactly as planned I was pleasently suprised with how well it worked even though my swap space is a measily 8mb. I dont exactly like installing software through command line operations, so I use the Gnome RPM tool and install RPMS. Overall though I think linux is a good bet. That fact that it comes with many commonly used software programs (word proccessor, spreedsheet editor, graphics editor) makes it a good bet for workstations.

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