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memory/system resouces running low and not picking back up
hubb Jul-08-02 11:22 PM
i run p3 450 mhz, 256 ram and my system resouces are always low. i have memory manager prgrams and others but they don't help. i get freeze ups all the time and i been getting the "explorer has caused a promblem....." message a lot lately. i have went into mscofig and done all that but nothing seems to help. could this jsut be a problematic program or a hardware problem? i had the same problem with win98se and updating to winme didn't help. what can i do?

1. RE: memory/system resouces running low and not picking back up
lbyard Jul-09-02 12:02 PM
In response to message 0
I have 256 MBytes in my computer and rarely have that problem. Sometimes when I have maybe 15 windows open for quite some time I'll get a memory low warning. But I believe that is being caused by memory holes in misbehaved programs. I ran my computer for years with 128, 64, 32 MBytes, and smaller amounts of memory. Freezing-up is usually a hardware problem. Disable all motherboard resources (e.g., serial ports) that you are not using. Look for resource conflicts in the Device Manager in the Control Panel. Check the CPU fan. Faulty power supplies and memory can also cause it. Larry

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