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running win xp and win me on two seperate hard drives
hubb Jul-08-02 11:18 PM
i seen that dual op systems have been talked about but i didn't see any of ths particular manner. i want to upgrade to win xp but i do not really want to use my existing system, to just upgrade i would like to just start over with a fresh win xp, and keep my win me running on the other hard drive. i would doing win xp on 40 gig and win me on 13 gig
my questions are;
-how would i switch/boot between them?
-could i get files from one hard drive while running in the other? i would like to do the nt file system and not the fat32 on the xp
-can i use the same hardware in both systems?
-is there any way i could install/transfer some of my existing programs on win me to the win xp after it's installed, without the install program or disk?
-does running two op systems cause any conflicts?

1. RE: running win xp and win me on two seperate hard drives
DJ Net2Infinity Jul-08-02 11:32 PM
In response to message 0
1. You could swap cables and jumpers back and forth or buy a devise made by Trios to switch drives.

2. It depends on how you hook them up, but if you wanna transfer files I would use fat32.

3. Yes you would just be swapping the Hard Drive.

4. No because you would need another license anyways.

5. No because if you had them on 2 drives the other wouldnt know the other existed.

I would recommend that you put both operating systems on the 13Gig, dual booting them and use the 40 gig for storage. That way you always have access to everything.

2. RE: running win xp and win me on two seperate hard drives
lbyard Jul-09-02 12:07 PM
In response to message 1
One can dual-boot operating systems on separate drives. That is, one can dual boot separate partitions whether they are on the same drive or separate drives. The process is very similar to http://duxcw.com/digest/Howto/software/windows/dual/index.html. One reader wrote-up dual-booting XP somewhere in this forum, if memory serves me right. Larry

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