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Protecting registry and IE home pages
swervey Jun-30-02 07:43 PM
Does anyone out there know if it is possible to protect the registry and IE home page from being manipulated by rogue web sites / users???

Yes i do have a firewall installed ( Zone alarm ver 2.6 ) but twice something dodgy has happened when i was surfing the internet...
Firstly i had a mysterious search bar appear....this was for seekzone,it had a search bar with various icons for various websites....sport, news, chat etc......when i checked in "view" -> "toolbars" -> there was a blank bit which you could place a tick against for this search bar....i had to go through the registry to delete it as there was no folder for it....
Secondly my home page got changed from what it was to "about:blank"...now i read that is sometimes caused by a virus ( cant remeber the name of it, but it actually greys out all the options to change it ) although this was not a virus it annoys me that web sites / users have the ability to change these options.....

So please.....please......please......does anyone have any suggestions?????

cheers chaps......

1. RE: Protecting registry and IE home pages
DJ Net2Infinity Jun-30-02 08:07 PM
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Update your Internet Exploder to 6.0, and update Windows in general.

2. RE: Protecting registry and IE home pages
swervey Jul-02-02 08:58 PM
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Alas that had already been done......

Does anyone know of any security programs that would protect these???

Cheers chaps....

3. RE: Protecting registry and IE home pages
jmatt Jul-05-02 07:14 AM
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IE6 Homepage Rewrite

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