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old bios
rach Jun-26-02 09:45 PM
Hi, manufacturer is taking forever to get back to me. I am in the process of rebuilding a Digital Celebris FX 5200. I have tried giving it a new hard drive, but because of its size, the bios doesn't recognise the right size and in a roundabout way won't let me install an O.S. Waiting to hear on a Bios upgrade - going grey while I'm waiting!!! Any ideas are more than welcome, Thanx, Rach

1. RE: old bios
DJ Net2Infinity Jun-26-02 10:45 PM
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What kind of upgrade are you looking for?? I dont see one for larger hard drive support. Have a look for yourself.


2. RE: old bios
Twinhead Jun-27-02 01:50 AM
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A very good workaround for your problem is a program.
Try to obtain "EZDrive".
This program fakes your BIOS by giving it a given size, and after bootup, the full size becomes available.

We managed to get a 20 G drive in an 80486 DX-4 system with that.


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