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Formating Windows NT
Kkevv_ Jun-25-02 08:50 PM
Is there any special technique to formating a computer that currently has windows NT, so that Windows 98 can be installed on it?

1. RE: Formating Windows NT
DJ Net2Infinity Jun-26-02 01:27 PM
In response to message 0
Not at all, just use a Windows 98 boot disk and repartion and format the drive.

2. RE: Formating Windows NT
Zeno Jun-28-02 01:48 AM
In response to message 1
I'm curious to know if Brian's suggestion worked.

My experience is that the WIN98SE version of FDISK will recognize an NTSF 4 partition, but not be able to remove it. When you try to delete the pimary NTSF partition, 98 FDISK gives you an error message that says something like "no DOS primary partition to remove" (I'm paraphrasing.)

My experience it that you can ONLY remove and NTSF 4 primary partition with the NT4 startup program.

I could be wrong, but if so please post the exact steps for removing NTSF 4 partitions with WIN98SE FDISK. I'd like to try Brian's method because it would save me a lot of time not messing with NT4 startup.

3. RE: Formating Windows NT
lbyard Jun-28-02 01:37 PM
In response to message 2
Remove the non-dos partition. There should be a menu choice for that. Larry

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