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Windows 98 Fresh install on Toshiba 440cdx
yazz Jun-10-02 10:00 PM
I have a friend whom asked me to redo their Toshiba Laptop 440cdx. Easy enough right? nope i have total formated and reinstalled the operation system. The laptop boots up to the point where it is starting to detect the hardware i always get a fatal exception has occurred. i have removed the modem but all other devices must remain in the laptop. Ive copied the files onto the hard drive and install of there instead of the cd-rom. ive checked bios and dont see anything in there to alarm me.. any ideas thanks in advance for any tips/tricks


1. RE: Windows 98 Fresh install on Toshiba 440cdx
lbyard Jun-11-02 09:37 AM
In response to message 0
A lot of laptops have tailored Windows drivers. Try doing a restore from the recovery CD, if there is one. There may be some information/downloads on Toshiba's web site that will help. Larry

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