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EMM386 and LOADHIGH not work in Win ME?
alejol Jun-10-02 01:19 PM

Recently, I have patched my Windows Millenium and I
was able to boot in DOS mode. (I need to use old MS-DOS programs).
Patch is downloaded from Internet; it patches REGENV32.EXE,
COMMAND.COM and IO.SYS ; after this, the machine can boot in
My problem is : how to free base memory?
Basically, I want to be able to use LOADHIGH in order
to free the first 640kB.
I have tried to use the EMM386.EXE that comes with Windows 95,
but the PC hangs at boot.
I need almost 550 kb of base memory free in order to run
my old PALASM.

Thanks for your response.

Alejandro Lavarello

1. RE: EMM386 and LOADHIGH not work in Win ME?
lbyard Jun-10-02 05:06 PM
In response to message 0
I would presume that they would work with the old config.sys and autoexec.bat entries. Have you tried that. You can get the syntax in Win Me by opening a DOS window and entering the lines followed by a /?. I would get rid of Me and use 98 if you need to run stuff from the DOS prompt that will not run from a DOS Window in Windows. I understand that a "normal" Me sticks config.sys and autoexec.bat stuff in the Windows registry and then erases those files/removes the entries the next time it boots, or something like that. Larry

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