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"NTLDR is missing"
petemaher Jun-10-02 01:07 PM
I have just taken the power suply out of my machine to clean my case interior (runing win 2k & win 98). After plugging everything back in and booting up half way through the boot sequence I get the message "NTLDR is missing". I must add that just before this happened I had a virus on my machine which corrupted some of my files which I subsequently deleted, I ran the virus scan software after this and it did not detect the virus again so I continued to use my computer for a while after that with no startup problems. It is just after I removed and replaced the power suply this has happened.
What a mess!
Anyone got any ideas?



1. RE: "NTLDR is missing"
DJ Net2Infinity Jun-10-02 01:58 PM
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