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XP restart problem
kareemh Jun-07-02 04:47 AM
hello i have had windows XP pro for about 8 monthes now, since it came out. i formated my ocmputer once and for the past month my computer has been retarting by itself. it is as if i pressed the reset button on the CPU. this is extremely anoying. therei s no warning. i dont do anything abnormal before it restarts. it does it randomly as far as i can see. i notice about for a flash second before it restarts it gives a screen that looks a bit like the blue screen (from the previous version of windows, somepeople call is the blue screen of death).

i dont know what is wrong but for the first few monthes of my XP experience i enjoyed a freeze-free computer. now this is as bad as i had it in windows 98. someone please help.

1. RE: XP restart problem
stephenl Jun-07-02 04:58 AM
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This could be a heat problem have you checked your fans ?

Also if you right click my computer and choose properties then choose the advanced tab then click settings under the start up and recovery option you will see a few options there make sure Write a system event to the system log is checked and uncheck the automaticaly restart option this will mean you can view the blue screen of death not that itll make sense but it might give you something further to work on.

After you reboot after this blue screen check the eventlog right click my computer choose manage and extend eventlog and choose the system one check out the errors and then troubleshoot via technet !

To be honest i think blue screens are total s*** and microsoft should make them a bit clearer and easier to troubleshoot but to be honest it is sometimes quicker to do either a repair install or a full install

2. RE: XP restart problem
DJ Net2Infinity Jun-07-02 11:10 AM
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LAST EDITED ON Jun-07-02 AT 11:14 AM (EDT)
I would search this site, it has been discussed before. Use the Site Search on the left toolbar.

3. RE: XP restart problem
Anchor 100 Jun-07-02 02:50 PM
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I Encounterd this problem with XP home edition and in the end I did a full re install

Then set the Auto re-boot check box to clear

Then each time I got a auto re boot I wrote down the details of the stop error e.g 000000,05x etc

Then Checked the erro log file in Control Panel Admin tools System righ click
and then when the info was on screen used copy to clip board option?

Then went to the Microsoft Support site and pasted it in to the search feature
Read the releavant article

Followed by updating in sequence any Windos Criticall updates reffered to
and by a process of updating etc

Identefied a problem with a Graphic Card
Replaced the Card and to date
No problems
according to Mcrosoft stop errors in Xp are often related to


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