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REDHAT 7.3 Linux No GUI
stephenl May-31-02 06:19 AM
Decided to have a little tinker and loaded redhat 7.3 now instead of it loading up and going into the REDHAT GUI it goes to a text base login prompt once logging in you get the linux shell. Any ideas how i get the GUI back up ?

Any help appreciated !!!

1. RE: REDHAT 7.3 Linux No GUI
DJ Net2Infinity May-31-02 07:35 AM
In response to message 0
When you installed Red Hat which install option did you chose? (Server, Workstation, File Server, Custom)

2. RE: REDHAT 7.3 Linux No GUI
stephenl May-31-02 07:58 AM
In response to message 1
Workstation version it has been working fine then all of a sudden just unix shell logon prompt ?

3. RE: REDHAT 7.3 Linux No GUI
DJ Net2Infinity May-31-02 04:31 PM
In response to message 2
Login as root and type startx, if that doesnt work try Xconfigurator and follow the prompts.

4. RE: REDHAT 7.3 Linux No GUI
stephenl Jun-05-02 08:25 AM
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LAST EDITED ON Jun-05-02 AT 08:26 AM (EDT)
Thanks worked it out by spending an hour in front of the redhat docs. If i want it to boot into just command prompt how would i do this ?

And can linux dual boot with an XP Pro Machine if no FAT Partitions ?
Or will i need at least one FAT partition ?

5. RE: REDHAT 7.3 Linux No GUI
stephenl Jun-05-02 08:52 AM
In response to message 4
Ok worked this out aswell it was on the same page as my first questions answer Heres the full thing if your interested and anyone else id still like to know about dual booting it

Red Hat Linux 7.3: The Official Red Hat Linux Getting Started Guide
Prev Chapter 14. Frequently Asked Questions Next


Changing Login from Console to X at Startup
How do I change my login from the console to the graphical screen?

Instead of logging in to your system at the console and typing the startx command to start the X Window System, you can configure your system so that you can log in directly to X.

You must edit one file, /etc/inittab, by changing just one number in the runlevel section. When you are finished, log out and, the next time you log in, you will have a graphical login prompt.

Open a shell prompt. If you're in your user account, su to root by typing

Password: yourrootpassword

Now, type pico /etc/inittab to edit the file with Pico. The file /etc/inittab will open. Within the first screen, you will see a section of the file which looks like this:

# Default runlevel. The runlevels used by RHS are:
# 0 - halt (Do NOT set initdefault to this)
# 1 - Single user mode
# 2 - Multiuser, without NFS (The same as 3, if you do not have networking)
# 3 - Full multiuser mode
# 4 - unused
# 5 - X11
# 6 - reboot (Do NOT set initdefault to this)

To change from a console to a graphical login, you should change the number in the line id:3:initdefault: from a 3 to a 5.

Change only the number of the default runlevel from 3 to 5.

Your changed line should look like:


When you are satisfied with your change, save and exit the file using the - keys. You will see a message telling you that the file has been modified, and asking you to confirm your change. Type for yes.

Now, your next login will be from the graphical screen.

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