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Forcing IRQ on K7S5A and WinME
borist86 May-30-02 08:31 PM
Hi, my problem is that my motherboard ECS K7S5A, will not allow me to assign a specific IRQ to my video card an ATI All In Wonder Pro (8 meg PCI). The ECS support people were less then helpful, basically saying that's the way it is, and it's a windows ME problem. Is there a way to get windows to assign a specific IRQ to the video card? The bios assigns it an IRQ of 11, which is shared with the onboard lan, sound and USB devices. The video card doesn't like shraing the IRQ lines with the other devices, IRQ 4 is free as I do not use comm2. If any more details are needed let me know.


One more Q: What is the entry of "IRQ holder for PCI steering" used for? I see a few multiple entries for the same IRQ

2. RE: Forcing IRQ on K7S5A and WinME
lbyard May-31-02 09:15 AM
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Not being able to force an IRQ is common thing you will see with many products. I always thought (and still do) that is a function of the driver. You should not have an expansion board in the PCI slot next to the AGP slot. Those two slots share an IRQ on most motherboards. My experience shows that you do not want to share IRQs shared by soundcards, network adapters, and display adapters. After disabling all motherboard devices you do not use, try playing musical chars with your boards by moving them around PCI slots until you get a combination that works. This can be more an art than a science and that, unfortunately, is the way it is with plug n prey.

>What is the entry of "IRQ holder for PCI steering" used for?

PCI steering. Description of PCI Bus IRQ Steering (Q182604)
http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx?scid=kb;en-us;Q182604 (copy and paste the entire link). Larry

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