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Win 98 problem
jgnasser May-27-02 08:10 AM
I have a problem with this old HP Laptop running Win 98. Its 133MHZ, RAM 48MB, HDD 1.2GB (400MB of which is free) and it does all manners of weird things like the pointer just moving haphazardly and opening and closing windows at random. There is also this Microsoft Windows 98 StartUp menu that appears everytime when I restart the computer and gives me these options for Normal, Safe mode etc. I have tried reloading the OS but not working still. Further, its getting just too slow.

1. RE: Win 98 problem
stephenl May-27-02 08:54 AM
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Does it have a touch pad ? If so normally stress on the laptop casing can cause the pointer to do this. When you reloaded did you completely format your disk ???

2. RE: Win 98 problem
jgnasser May-27-02 01:05 PM
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No, it does not have a touch pad and I did not format the disk when I reinstalled windows 98.

3. RE: Win 98 problem
lbyard May-27-02 01:27 PM
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It may have something (a cable) loose inside the case. A tech whack or two, if applied by an expert, might knock some sense into it (or break it). Larry

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