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Problem with Dual Boot
gdawg May-26-02 11:59 AM
I've got a machine with two hard drives, both with Win NT on them and have it set up as a dual boot, so that I can boot from either one.

I would like to take my second hard drive and put it in another machine whose primary OS is a Win XP system.

I've moved the hard drive, and modified the boot.ini file, but when I try to boot into the second hard drive I get a blue screen.

Is there something else I need to do to get this to work?

1. RE: Problem with Dual Boot
Twinhead May-26-02 04:19 PM
In response to message 0
To be short, fair and straight:

Reinstall Windows NT, or forget about it and reinsert it in your first machine!

YOU have moved the hard drive to another (Different hardware) machine.
Windows NT builds a database just like Win9x but it is unforgivingly when it comes to sudden changes.
The HAL, or fully written, Hardware Abstraction Layer is this database and is the couse of the blue STOP screen.
Everytime Windows NT starts, NTDetect is checking the internal hardware and compares it to the HAL.
When there is a significant or multiple difference(s) in the file and the hardware it stops booting completely!
Do NOT move an fully installed NT harddrive to another machine!


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