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win95 to win 98 coversion problems
tenispro May-19-02 05:36 PM
Please help. I had a win 95 233mhz working fine. I wanted to intall a win 98 (not from an upgrade win 98 cd but from a real copy) using the boot disk. It wouldn't let me and a meassage : "you have a previous version of windows installed, and youy need the upgrade cd".

Well I don't have the upgrade CD, but a new Windows 98 installation CD instead. So I thought I could erase win 95 and it would accept win 98 from scratch. That was a DUMB idea as now Win 95 dousn't start. When I try to reinstall using win 95 boot disk, I am left at A:\> prompt. When I try to install win 98 using the win 98 boot disk, I get "the win 98 setup files were not found". Where do I go from here...

Please help,


1. RE: win95 to win 98 coversion problems
Twinhead May-20-02 06:43 AM
In response to message 0
Posting an Item twice wil upset the "boss" of this forum!
He is even capable to lock the post!

As the problems are, There is one solution.

1 Can your system boot from a CD-Rom?
(If not, this is gonna be difficult)

2 Backup ALL essential data such as e-mails and documents.
3 Format the hard drive with the /U switch.
4 Boot from the original Win98 CD-Rom and start installing Win98.

If not booting from CD-Rom, boot from a system-disk that have driver for CD-Rom and Mice on it.
Insert the Win98 CD, browse to the win98 dir, Enter setup and install should commence.
Sometimes there could be another win98 Subdir INSIDE a win98 subdir.
Go down the tree until you will find a bundle of .cab files.
There should "Setup" also be located.

If no system-disk, mail me and i will sent you an image and a restorer for a floppy-Disk so you CAN startup with CD-Rom support.


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