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Can't get in to windows ME No explore !
JenL May-16-02 09:09 PM
What happen is I uninstalled IE6 and went to reboot,that
when started to have problems.It boots up to windows and all
I get to desktop and just the back ground pix show up no icons,tray,
or right click. I try using safe mode to get system restore no window
explore to get restore.Ran scandisk found error and fix it.but didn't
fix the problem. I do have some access to the hard drive I'm using as
a slave drive.Is there any way I can fix it ,also should I defrag it.

1. RE: Can't get in to windows ME No explore !
Twinhead May-17-02 01:30 AM
In response to message 0
Uninstalling IE6?????

YOU have chrashed your system by now!!

If any attempt is done to uninstall an IE, there is a grave risk of uninstaling some Windows explorer components as well.
This has happened to your system.

Reinstall your OS (NO format your HardDrive) to rebuild your explorer.

If no luck, You could install Windows on another Hard disk.

First: Jumper your master disk as a Slave.
Then, Jumper another disk as Master and built it in.
Install Windows with minimal proportions on that disk, start it,
Access your corrupted drive, Get all important data to the new drive, Shut down and remove the new drive, Rejumper your original drive as Master, Format and reinstall your OS.
If fully done, Shut down, Jumper the Backup drive as Slave and reinsert it.
Copy back your data and shut down again.
Remove the drive, (Or leave it in if you want this)
Restart and get it working again.


2. RE: Can't get in to windows ME No explore !
JenL May-17-02 08:45 AM
In response to message 1
I don't have a cd for windows me I do have cd for windows 98SE.
The hard disk came with windows me already installed on it.I install 98se on another hard drive for another computer and that what I'm using as my master hard drive.the hard drive with ME is my slave drive. there is a setup appilcation for ME on the drive can I use that if I put on A cd.or would it be better to burn all my files to a cd and format my drive and install the windows98se.

3. RE: Can't get in to windows ME No explore !
Twinhead May-17-02 01:20 PM
In response to message 2
Yes, burn all the data to a CD-R and reinstall Win98SE.

I have deleted WinMe almost the first day after installation.
There was much problems with older devices and Software.
Also i have tons of DOS games (Some pretty large) who does not run.
PCI 3D accelerators did not work.
I now run Win98Se and i will keep it until the end of times, or the end of drivers for it!


6. RE: Can't get in to windows ME No explore !
JenL May-21-02 01:27 PM
In response to message 3
I took your advise (Victor) and installed 98se. no matter what I did I couldn't get back into windows ME so I format disk and I'll tell
you your right Victor 98 is better.The only thing I like about ME was the restore.

5. RE: Can't get in to windows ME No explore !
lbyard May-17-02 03:07 PM
In response to message 2
You should be able to install Me from the DOS prompt with the setup.exe in c:\windows\options\install or c:\windows\options\cabs (it varies by Me version; however both of those directories/folders are probably present). Use the one with lots of files (couple of screens), many of them ending in .CAB. I have been running Me since before the day it was released. Larry

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