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Windows 98 Upgrade Installation
cfelt May-13-02 02:41 PM
I have read the "How to install the W98 upgrade on a new hard disk drive." This assumes that you have a copy of the previous Windows version for upgrading. My question is this: Can you install W98 Upgrade without having any previous version of Windows on any installed hard drive or having any floppy or CD? In other words, make the Upgrade version think it is a full install version?

A couple years ago, my sister's condo was broken into by some thief. This person actually stole computer software, but left the computer. Apparently he was looking to get in and out fast. He actually stole the Windows 95 OS. My sister then bought the W98 Upgrade as a replacement. She also wanted me to swap master and slave hard drives. I can't remember all the details, but I may have deleted the Win95 OS off the hard drive rather than leaving it. I was able to install W98 Upgrade by finding a utility that someone wrote and published on the Internet to place on a floppy and allow the W98 Upgrade setup to install as though it was the full version. I have lost this utility and can't remember where I found it. If your procedure does solve this problem already, then I have misunderstood. Thanks.

1. RE: Windows 98 Upgrade Installation
lbyard May-13-02 02:55 PM
In response to message 0
You have to have a previous version of Windows for the procedure in that article to work. If the article had a method for installing it without a previous version of Windows, Microsoft would probably sue me as it would be a copyright infringement and illegal. Where you found that utility might not be there anymore for the same reason. Larry

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